International Index Stock

Looking at international stock index there are some I would invest by looking to see if there are any ETF ‘s for them so that I can limit my exposure yet gain value. I would look at Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Mexico and Chile as well as the Eurozone. These are places with god growth.



Recently there has been an upsurge in the stock market. Below are some of the ways analyst use math to figure out where the market could go in the future:

Elliot Wave Theory: Uses crowd beitaly.jpghavior and financial markets follow distinct cycles and patterns

Fibonacci Ratio: The math of 1.618 prevalent in natural systems

Breakout: Following stocks as they rise beyond a well-defined trading range

Technical Analysis: Basically using patterns found in the market in the past to predict the future.


I actually feel more comfortable with the Fibionacci Ratio because there is a  lot less room to play with situations beyond your control. I got description and names of the four methods from the Wall Street Journal. Remember to never invest in where there is no long term demand and easy to replicate. If you go through a private broker look at how much you are paying per trade cause that will drive up the final price of each transaction.


me bagFor a long time I avoided Yahoo and actually thought it would be gone by now. After the Tumbler acquisition by  Yahoo I have changed my mind. Perhaps, Yahoo still has some fight in it and think its good time to buy into the company. If you have Yahoo and Google in your portfolio you are thinking very good. I like that Yahoo has a lot of room to grow while Google seems to be slowing down a bit. In fact I think that continuous rise of Google price has actually set it up for a downturn; I am not sure how much the downturn will be but Google’s continuous climb is not sustainable. According to the estimated increase of yahoo is $31.00 but it could settle at $27.00 or go as low as $22.00.  Even if Yahoo looses value it’s not going to be much which in my opinion makes it a safe bet to make. According to “The current consensus among 33 polled investment analysts is to hold stock in Yahoo! Inc. This rating has held steady since May, when it was unchanged from a hold rating.” Just remember to do your own research and be cautious. As Much as I like Yahoo I would not buy more than one stock.

New Horizon

It seems that there are ETF’s for just about everything this days. With so much opportunity to make gains using ETF’s its extremely important to do your homework before investing. Below are some interesting ETF’s worth doing some exploration for.

TUR       MSCI Turkey Investable Market Index Fund     Emerging Markets Equities    0.60%    99.18%
GSGO       ALPS/GS Momentum Builder Growth Markets Equities and U.S. Treasuries Index ETF     Emerging Markets Equities    1.29%    31.03%


wikiI have never used layaway plans and I dont think I ever will. During the holidays theres more pressure to use layaway but I rather pay for it now and not have to worry about it later. The following guidelines are some things suggested by reputable sources on how to avoid trouble in layaway:

 Before you buy on layaway, know

Terms of the layaway plan

Store’s refund policy

Location, availability, and identification of layaway merchandise

Store’s reputation

Once you begin a layaway plan

Keep good records of your payments.

The 20-10 Rule

me bagNever borrow more than 20% of your yearly net income

■ If you earn $400 a month after taxes, then your net income in one year is:
12 x $400 = $4,800
■ Calculate 20% of your annual net income to find your safe debt load:
$4,800 x 20% = $960
■ This means, you should never have more than $960 of debt outstanding.

Note: Housing debt (i.e., mortgage payments) should not be counted as part of the 20%, but
other debt should be included, such as car loans, student loans and credit cards.

Monthly payments shouldn’t exceed 10% of your monthly net income

■ If your take-home pay is $400 a month
$400 x 10% = $40
■ Your total monthly debt payments should not total more than $40 per month.

Note: Housing payments (i.e., mortgage payments) should not be counted as part of the 10%,
but other debt should be included, such as car loans, student loans and credit cards.

On a side note according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of April 165,000 jobs were created. More will be created should we embrace environmentally friendly policies and assists entrepreneurs in creating new businesses. 165,000 jobs may not seem like a lot but its something for that man or woman who has been out of work for months. LETS KEEP TRUCKING ON AMERICA !!!

CD’s: Not What You Think

 What they are and how they work

Bank pays a fixed amount of interest for a fixed amount of money during a fixed amount of time.




  • No risk
  • Simple
  • No fees
  • Offers higher interest rates than savings accounts.

Trade Off

  • Restricted access to your money
  • Withdrawal penalty if cashed before expiration date (penalty might be higher than the interest earned)

Types of certificates of deposit

1. Rising-rate CDs with higher rates at various intervals, such as every six months.

2. Stock-indexed CDs with earnings based on the stock market.

3. Callable CDs with higher rates and long-term maturities, as high as 10–15 years. However, the bank may “call” the account after a stipulated period, such as one or two years, if interest rates drop.

4. Global CDs combine higher interest with a hedge on future changes in the dollar compared to other currencies.

5. Promotional CDs attempt to attract savers with gifts or special rates.

5 Hottest Stock Markets

cropped-beddd.jpg#5 Philippines growing by +20%

According to the iShares MSCI Philippines Inevitable Market Index ETF (EPHE) has raked in more than $180 million this year, and is up almost 20%. The country has also earned and investment grade. I would dip my entire foot when it comes to investing in Philippines.

#4 Kuwait growing by +23%

Despite its strong economy and its vast resources of oil its situated in a very volatile region but I would still dip my foot toe in just not the whole foot yet.

#3 Argentina growing by +27%

I am not sure about Argentina but if you find a good deal in an investment I think this would be it. Just remember to take extreme caution and think long-term.

#2 United Arab Emirates growing by +28%

I would dip my entire foot when it comes to investing in UAE. It has a strong economy, hot real estate and a lot of oil. There’s a lot of money going into the UAE why not be part of it.

#1 Japan growing by +34%

It’s the third largest economy in the world. Strong currency and stable government. What more can I say; I love the idea of investing in the Japanese economy.

Click on the picture to read the full article on the world’s 5 hottest stock markets.

The iUniverse

Dough 2

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me bagWas looking at todays financial news and came across a story written on The article was about how Apple is partnering with Volkswagen to create the iBettle; that's right a car centered around your iphone. For the Apple fanatics iBettle is great as it becomes just one more thing to extend your interaction with your iphone. This is also good news for investors as I am sure it will increase the value of Apple. An increase in the value of the company could mean increase dividend. The story of Apple is just starting and if you havent invested in the company than maybe now is the time to do some research to see if it fits into your long-term investment goals.

The article goes on to say that "How is this different from pervious iPhone-auto integrations? Volkswagen is releasing an app that supercharges what the iPhone can do inside the vehicle. One part of the program displays vehicle information, such as coolant temperatures and oil levels. Another can compare driving times and distances. It also pipes in tunes from Spotify or iTunes and, natch, makes calls that can be run through the car's stereo too."

Other product that people have been talking bout Apple creating are television and watch. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow Apple gets into integrating the use of its products on shoes, glasses or piece of clothing. The future seems limitless for Apple.

Prom Planning

I found this app in the Apple store and found it interesting. The app is called Plann’It Prom and was created by VISA Inc. According to the description “Plan’it Prom is the definitive prom planning and budgeting app for students and parents, incorporating a prom count down, timeline, budget calculator and budget health meter into a layout that is fun and easy to use.With Plan’it Prom, you can cut costs and stick to your planned budget while maintaining a fantastic prom experience. Looking great and feeling great does not have to hurt your bank account.Simply enter your prom date and budget to gain quick access to cost cutting tips, social sharing options, photo gallery and a customizable user experience that will help you cut costs for a night you’ll never forget ” My prom wasnt too expensive but would have used it if I had something similar to this on my phone.  For those newbies going to the prom this app is definitely a gift. Please click on the picture and go directly into the apps webpage.