Financial Instruments

 Instrument Maturity Risk  
Certificate of Deposit   90 days or more   None if insured




   Corporate 5–30   years   Some
   Municipal 1–20   years   Some
   Stocks Immediate   Low to high


 U.S. Treasury

   Bills  1   year or less   None
   Notes  1–10   years   None
   Bonds  10–30   years   None
   Mutual Funds  Varies   Low to high
  Retirement Funds  When buyer is 60 years  old   Low

Getting Out of Trouble

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Reasons why consumers can’t pay

  •  loss of income (48%)
  • Unemployment (24%)
  •  Illness (16%)
  •  Other (divorce, death) (8%)
    overextension (25%)
  • Poor money management, Emergencies, Materialism, Need for instant gratification
    defective goods and services (20%)
  • fraudulent use of credit (4%)
  • other (3%)

Signs you are in Trouble

  • You don’t know how much you owe.
  • You often pay bills late.
  •  You get a new loan to pay old loans.
  •  You pay only the minimum balance due each month.
  • You spend more than 20% of your net income (after paying rent or mortgage) on
    debt maintenance.
  • You would have an immediate financial problem if you lost your job.
  •  You’re spending more than you earn, using your savings to pay for day-to-day expenses.

 First steps to take if you can’t pay your bills

  •  Take another (close) look at your budget and cut your expenses.
  •  Be realistic about what you can afford (the hardest) and
    contact your creditors
  • Tell them why you can’t pay, that you intend to pay, and when/how much you will be
    able to pay.
  • You may be able to work out a new payment schedule.

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