Marktevism is blending activism and capitalism. There are countless individuals who are fighting to make this world a better place. Some are protesting and others are getting into politics. Those are two good ways to go about fighting the good fight. My way is to invest in companies and products that are good for the environment. I have put  my money where my mouth is and invested in several ETF’s




These products are currently trading above $10 which is good because it gives you some wiggle room. In other words even if it goes down slightly you can still come out a winner.


Market Force

I have decided to be a market activist. What does that mean? It means that I will start betting on companies and technology that promotes the overall well-being of this planet. Global warming has always been a concern of mine. The great number of refugees going to EU from the middle east as a result of war has made me realize that global catastrophe due to global warming such as rise in sea levels or drought will make a lot of people move. As a result, there will be competition for resources and that will lead to other problems. The truth is weather has no boundaries. My stock pics for this week are the following.

Sources: Peer Comparison Source

TAN $26.86

Peer Comparisonvs. Miscellaneous sector ETFs

TAN Category
Performance 5-yr return -16.60% -0.77%
Expense Gross exp ratio 0.76% 0.82%
Risk 5 year sharpe ratio -0.07
Net assets $266.5M $164.5M
Average market cap $1.3B $6.4B
Average P/E 8.0 17.9
Dividend / Share 0.24%

ICLN $9.03

Peer Comparisonvs. Miscellaneous sector ETFs

ICLN Category
Performance 5-yr return -9.10% -0.77%
Expense Gross exp ratio 0.47% 0.82%
Risk 5 year sharpe ratio -0.12
Net assets $72.0M $164.5M
Average market cap $3.9B $6.4B
Average P/E 13.5 17.9
Dividend / Share 0.24%

PBD $ 10.54

Peer Comparisonvs. Miscellaneous sector ETFs

PBD Category
Performance 5-yr return -3.83% -0.77%
Expense Gross exp ratio 0.76% 0.82%
Risk 5 year sharpe ratio 0.05
Net assets $62.2M $164.5M
Average market cap $1.9B $6.4B
Average P/E 13.4 17.9
Dividend / Share 0.24%

QCLN $14.22

Peer Comparisonvs. Miscellaneous sector ETFs

QCLN Category
Performance 5-yr return -0.39% -0.77%
Expense Gross exp ratio 0.64% 0.82%
Risk 5 year sharpe ratio 0.24
Net assets $72.1M $164.5M
Average market cap $3.2B $6.4B
Average P/E 17.7 17.9
Dividend / Share 0.24%

Blooms of April

The following stocks are winners to own in my opinion because they offer long term growth and they are names you should recognize. Recognition leads to continual customers and that leads to growth.

Etsy – $27.5

Cabela’s- $ 54.65

Novo Nordisk A/S- $55.34

Twiter- $50.57

SUN Communities (High Dividend) – $ 62.70

Haynes International (High Dividend) – $ 42.63


I am a believer in global warming. For those that point to the record snow in New England as a reason for why global warming isn’t happening are living in deep denial. As global warming increases so does extreme weather. This means that there will be severe droughts in some places, record snow and cold in others. Places will disappear as sea level rise. The implications of global warming are endless. You can participate in government to create a more environmentally friendly world or you can force change with your wallet.As the value of green companies increases so will the willingness by policy makers to do their part. Below are some great green companies.

ABB – $ 21.45

AMAT-$ 22.34

AIG- $57.40

CVA- $ 21.84

NEEPRC -$25.64

GE- $ 27.82

HMC- $ 33.69

New Start

Over the past few months I haven’t posted as much as I would like but I promise my fans that my post will now come in greater frequency. This is 2015 and with the new year comes many resolutions. One of my own resolution is to get a good financial planner. Its always important to do as much research as possible before giving your business to any financial planner. There are planners that get paid based on the products they sell (in other words the amount of money they can make out of you) there are others who take your best interest first. Follow the following advice:

  • Look for a financial adviser who is a certified financial planner (CFP). They’re licensed and regulated and above all they take mandatory classes on different facets of financial planning.
  • Consider the planner’s pay arrangement. A planner who earns money based on commission rather than a flat, hourly rate could have a motivation to steer you in a particular direction. Would you rather you rather give the money to someone who will give you unweight advice or a person that could mess with your future ability to provide for your family. ?
  • Read the code of ethics that your financial planner adheres to. Look for the word “fiduciary” and language that necessitates planners to look after your best interest.
  • Perform a background check on the CFP you choose

In order to find a CFP as well as get a background check please go to the following website:



Come Back

I haven’t posted anything new in a while but will now doing it more often.

For this month I recommend the following stocks: BABA, ECON (Emerging Markets consumer ETF),EWU (UNITED Kingdom ETF).

I still love GOOGLE but their stocks can be expensive so my recommendation is to get ETF’s that has GOOGLE in their holdings. The advice goes for TESLA stocks.


The low down

There are a lot of bonds that are expensive to get for someone who is just starting or is a very very cautious investor. Additionally the situation in Europe with Ukraine adds stress to the market. As a result, I have started to look at some low cost bonds with good income which I can use to reinvest. Below are some good low cost bonds:


BAB $28.80 a share

CEW $20.00 a share

PZT $23.00 a share


The bonds I just mentioned are good sources of income and are diverse.

New Year Moves

For all of my fans out there I apologize for my long absence but now I am back. Looks like most of my stocks and ETF picks have been winners. The biggest regret was selling Facebook; if you have bought it already than keep it but if you haven’t perhaps you should get one or two stocks. I would also advice to get one or two of Twitter; it’s a good company but you don’t want to expose yourself too much. Twitter is one of those  fashion stocks; if you don’t remember what I mean by it look at a previous  post I made on this blog.  I still love ETF’s ; 2014 will be a big year for them. Look for sound investments in renewable energy as well as continued investments in Tesla. No matter how good Tesla may be good to you keep an eye out for other car makers coming out with energy friendly technology. More people will start paying attention to ways in which global warming can be slowed or prevented. As a result, there will be bigger purchase of products that use renewable energy.

The New IPhone

I was looking at the website and an article called “Pay someone to wait in line for your new iPhone” caught my attention for two reasons. The first is why would you pay someone to wait in line to get a product that doesn’t mean life or death for you and the second was how could something like that catch up. For investors of Apple the frenzy for the new iphone is great because the more you get people excited more money they spent.  I admit that I am very excited about the new iphone but its within reason. There is no way I will stand in line to get something I could wait for and I will sure as hell not pay anyone to wait in line for me. Come on people lets be real in a few months Apple will come up with another version and there goes another $200.