Tax Exempt ETF

I have written a lot about getting ETF’s and stocks’s that pay dividends but keep in mind that dividends are taxable. So I am going to invest a lot more on tax exempt ETS’ s and mutual funds. This will ensure that I retain a lot more of my profits.

MUB- $111.18
SHM- $48.91
TFI- $49.19
ITM- $24.20

You surely want to keep looking for growth stocks that are long term holds and that you know. For example I love the store 5 Below so when I get a chance I am investing in the company. Its a growth stock with a lot of potential; who doesn’t want stuff for cheap and with good quality.

Tax Exempt ETF

Its always good to get some tax relief and retain the majority of your earnings when you invest. Tax exemption is even more important if your receiving dividends. As a result below are some good options.

Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond ETF (VTEB); Currently Trading at $52

iShares National AMT-Free Muni Bond (MUB); Currently Trading at $111.00

SPDR Nuveen Barclays Municipal Bond ETF (TFI ); Currently Trading at $49.00

There are some other great ones you can find. Pay attention to the yearly returns and fees which could eat away at your returns.pexels-photo-321451

Blue Apron


According to many reports Blue Apron is going public. If it does go public I will definitely get it . I wouldn’t go all in on it but its worth purchasing a stock or two. I like it because its a multi billion company that has a lot of room for growth. According to an article written 2 Nov 2015 in ”  Blue Apron ordered 3 million pounds of produce from 100 family-run farms this summer. The greens will go into the company’s meal kits, boxes of precisely portioned ingredients and instructions needed to cook exactly three dinners a week and sold on a subscription basis in serving sizes for couples or families of four. Blue Apron now delivers 5 million meals a month, up from 500,000 just 18 months ago. Last November, FORBES estimates, sales crossed an annualized rate of $100 million; this year  they’ll more than triple. In 2016 the company should top half a billion ” . I am all bout supporting environmentally friendly ideas and companies so this will definitely be one of them. I highly suggest you visit the website.

Socio Investments

idea-thinking-i-know-it-poses-159669Market Vectors Environmental Service ETF : Consisting of publicly traded companies that are involved in the management, removal and storage of consumer waste as well as industrial by-products and related environmental services.

First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge: The Index is designed to act as a transparent and liquid benchmark for the grid and electric energy infrastructure sector.

iShares KLD 400 Social Index Fund: The fund generally invests at least 90% of its assets in securities of the underlying index and in depositary receipts representing securities of the underlying index. The underlying index is a free float-adjusted market capitalization index designed to provide exposure to U.S. companies that have positive environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) characteristics.

The Following are a few real estate companies that use environmentally friendly practices for their property and are worthy of investment:

Boston Properties Inc




My Stocks for This Month


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EPR acquires and develops properties in three major segments – Entertainment, Education and Recreation. I like that I can profit from property without the complications of being a Landlord. Currently trading at $72.99 stock Symbol is EPR.

GLPI primarily engaged in the property side of owning, acquiring, managing and leasing gaming facilities. Currently trading at $ 31.97 stock symbol GLPI.

NRZ primarily focused on investments in the residential mortgage servicing sector. NRZ makes investments in excess servicing rights, servicing advances, agency and non-agency RMBS and the associated call rights. Good way to get in on property investments currently trading at $17.08 and overs good dividends. Stock symbol is NRZ

Stocks of this week

These are investments I made this week. I like their low cost and room for growth.

APPL and Dollar tree. Apple is currently trading at $108 a share. Dollar tree is

$96.28. What I like about Dollar tree is that people are always looking for the

lowest price on things; this is true specially when the economy is not doing so




According to MSM “The average Social Security check now stands at $1,335. The average couple pulls in a bit over $2,100 per month from Social Security (assuming both earn benefits).With so many retirees who have no savings – maybe half of us – and no other pensions, the Social Security check may be the check. Sound grim? It may not be. The reality is that there are great places to call home and live on those kinds of deflated numbers.” I like the idea of moving to another country that has lower cost of money so that I could still live comfortable. However, even with the possible savings the distance from family members may be too much for some individuals. According to the website here are five great places to retire:

1)  Cuencia ,Ecuador: Cuencia is a city of 400,000 , its city center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Trust Site. The weather is temperate year-round and the city is filled with tens of thousands of English speaking expats who are mainly from the U.S. and Canada.

2) Managua Nicaragua: The metro population is 2.4 million. A blogger by the name of Margit Streifeneder, said the monthly budget for her two-person household (she lives there with her daughter) is $2,500. She goes on to say that “This includes rent, electricity, phone, Internet, household help three times a week, food, eating out and car maintenance,” she explained.




I am many years from retirement but I am planning young. Below are some bonds you can invest in because they provide some sort of income which you can reinvest:

Deutsche X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure (RVNU) trading at $26

PowerShares S&P 500 Hi Div Low Vol trading at $ $35.69

WisdomTree Bloomberg US Dollar Bull $ trading at 26.95

SPDR Nuveen Barclays Muni Bond ETF trading at $ 24.48

First Trust Managed Municipal $ 52.55