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Hello and thank you for taking your time to check out my blog. I am not a licensed financial adviser or coach but I do have a deep fascination with finance. The information here is simply intended to inform the reader so that he or she can make educated decisions. After Cortland I settled in Massachusetts for a couple of years where I worked at a community college and then a law firm as a public advocate. While in Massachusetts I got my Masters in Corporate and organizational Communication.

I am a strong believer that public service makes society stronger. In the continuation of public service the idea of this blog is to help individuals who seek guidance to better handle their finances. I  In the end I hope to inform, entertain and inspire. Hope you enjoy the blog and thank you for visiting.


7 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Haha, thank you. I didnt know what else to call it. I love the study of economic theory and follow the market religiously. When I first started to invest I was a bit more willing risks compare to now.

  1. I like your attitude and desire to be of service. I too am very interested in economics and informing the public on how to be wiser stewards. Have you watched the movie documentary “Inside Job”? Also a couple of recent books I’ve read are “the Pirates of Wall St.” and “How Privatized Banking Really Works” by Robert Lara. It’s obvious your training in communication and presentation I like the look of the blog. I will follow and would like to maybe link your blog as I develop my online presence. Thanks for sending your comment request to me.

    1. linking the blog sounds great Mark, thank you so much for stoping by and the wonderful comment. I have heard of Inside Job , have seen Pirates of Wall St. But have never seen nor heard of How Privatized Banking Really Works; it sounds interesting and will be looking at it for sure.

  2. Hi Henkel, I finally found the information on your blog, and like what I see. I do have a blog I wrote for you; though I just posted it on my blog because I lost your contact information. I hope you like the information about using technology to save money. I will follow and link to your blog – Mark has the right ideal.

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