IPO’s of 2019

There are several stocks that are potentially coming in 2019. I like some more than others.

Lyft: A ride-sharing company. I like Lyft and will definitely get in on the company as soon as it opens up.

Uber: Another ride-sharing company. I will surely jump on Uber but will watch it a lot closer than Lyft. Uber has made a lot of mistakes and I think Lyft has looked at it and learned to avoid it. Long term I think only one can survive.

Airbnd: A home-sharing company has had some scandals. Its a company I would keep on the watch but I wouldn’t get it right away. I would wait at least a week to see how it rolls out. fortuneindia_2018-06_ec8807e3-7e92-4e13-b8a5-b6971715c9dd_accounting_alone_application_938965

Pinterest: I am looking forward to having this company be public. I see this company having a long-term existence. It is a company we have all heard of.