At first I thought Bitcoins and cryptocurrency would be something that would come and go but I now believe that its here to stay. Overnight the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have gone up hundreds of dollars. I have started investing in it. If yopexels-photo-730567u still have cold feet you don’t have to buy the currency. Instead you can invest in the following companies that are affected by the value of cryptocurrency.

(Overstock)OSKT- Trading at $68.00
Its valuable because you can buy things using bitcoin from Overstock

(Enbridge Energy Partners) EEP-Trading at $14.00 . Its valuable because mining for cryptocurrency requires energy. The more cryptocurrencies go in value the more people will be mining which will cause a spike in energy which means that energy companies will have to produce more.

(Energy Transfer Partner) ETP- Trading at $17.00
Valuable for the same reason as EEP

(Aceto Corp) ACET- Trading at $10.00

(Square Inc) SQ- Trading at $37.00
Its involved with cryptocurrency.