Blue Apron


According to many reports Blue Apron is going public. If it does go public I will definitely get it . I wouldn’t go all in on it but its worth purchasing a stock or two. I like it because its a multi billion company that has a lot of room for growth. According to an article written 2 Nov 2015 in ”  Blue Apron ordered 3 million pounds of produce from 100 family-run farms this summer. The greens will go into the company’s meal kits, boxes of precisely portioned ingredients and instructions needed to cook exactly three dinners a week and sold on a subscription basis in serving sizes for couples or families of four. Blue Apron now delivers 5 million meals a month, up from 500,000 just 18 months ago. Last November, FORBES estimates, sales crossed an annualized rate of $100 million; this year  they’ll more than triple. In 2016 the company should top half a billion ” . I am all bout supporting environmentally friendly ideas and companies so this will definitely be one of them. I highly suggest you visit the website.

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