According to MSM “The average Social Security check now stands at $1,335. The average couple pulls in a bit over $2,100 per month from Social Security (assuming both earn benefits).With so many retirees who have no savings – maybe half of us – and no other pensions, the Social Security check may be the check. Sound grim? It may not be. The reality is that there are great places to call home and live on those kinds of deflated numbers.” I like the idea of moving to another country that has lower cost of money so that I could still live comfortable. However, even with the possible savings the distance from family members may be too much for some individuals. According to the website here are five great places to retire:

1)  Cuencia ,Ecuador: Cuencia is a city of 400,000 , its city center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Trust Site. The weather is temperate year-round and the city is filled with tens of thousands of English speaking expats who are mainly from the U.S. and Canada.

2) Managua Nicaragua: The metro population is 2.4 million. A blogger by the name of Margit Streifeneder, said the monthly budget for her two-person household (she lives there with her daughter) is $2,500. She goes on to say that “This includes rent, electricity, phone, Internet, household help three times a week, food, eating out and car maintenance,” she explained.




I am many years from retirement but I am planning young. Below are some bonds you can invest in because they provide some sort of income which you can reinvest:

Deutsche X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure (RVNU) trading at $26

PowerShares S&P 500 Hi Div Low Vol trading at $ $35.69

WisdomTree Bloomberg US Dollar Bull $ trading at 26.95

SPDR Nuveen Barclays Muni Bond ETF trading at $ 24.48

First Trust Managed Municipal $ 52.55