New Year Moves

For all of my fans out there I apologize for my long absence but now I am back. Looks like most of my stocks and ETF picks have been winners. The biggest regret was selling Facebook; if you have bought it already than keep it but if you haven’t perhaps you should get one or two stocks. I would also advice to get one or two of Twitter; it’s a good company but you don’t want to expose yourself too much. Twitter is one of those  fashion stocks; if you don’t remember what I mean by it look at a previous  post I made on this blog.  I still love ETF’s ; 2014 will be a big year for them. Look for sound investments in renewable energy as well as continued investments in Tesla. No matter how good Tesla may be good to you keep an eye out for other car makers coming out with energy friendly technology. More people will start paying attention to ways in which global warming can be slowed or prevented. As a result, there will be bigger purchase of products that use renewable energy.