The New IPhone

I was looking at the website and an article called “Pay someone to wait in line for your new iPhone” caught my attention for two reasons. The first is why would you pay someone to wait in line to get a product that doesn’t mean life or death for you and the second was how could something like that catch up. For investors of Apple the frenzy for the new iphone is great because the more you get people excited more money they spent.  I admit that I am very excited about the new iphone but its within reason. There is no way I will stand in line to get something I could wait for and I will sure as hell not pay anyone to wait in line for me. Come on people lets be real in a few months Apple will come up with another version and there goes another $200.


When twitter goes public but buy buy buy don’t buy more than two if you do so. It may be a valuable company but a lot could go wrong. For one twitter will have to increase revenue to keep shareholders happy;they can do this by advertising more. Another way is to make some functions of Twitter for paying members only.