Good Stocks to buy

American Eagle AEO.
14.76 (Current price)

Petsmart PETM
71.00 (Current price)

45.81 (Current price)


International Index Stock

Looking at international stock index there are some I would invest by looking to see if there are any ETF ‘s for them so that I can limit my exposure yet gain value. I would look at Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Mexico and Chile as well as the Eurozone. These are places with god growth.

The 1 Quadrillion Story

Do you know what one trillion yens look like ?, I don’t. According to the Japan’s finance ministry Japanese debt has toped one quadrillion yens. Japanese debt is now equivalent to about 10 trillion dollars. In order for the Japanese government to show how fiscal  responsible they are and to maintain investment interest some tightening of the belt will be needed. Such a move will not be popular as it will slow their economy at a time that growth is needed. Nevertheless, despite the debt I think its still worth a while to invest in Japan.

Facebook Stock

I was wrong about selling all of shares of Facebook¬† but I still don’t think its a stock worthy of a large holding; at least for the time being. Currently its at $38.05 per share which is about the price of initial offering. I should have kept all of them in order to regain the money but in my panic of further loss I got rid of it. If you are a small time investor and have Facebook stocks hold on to it. I suggest perhaps getting no more than¬†two.