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Just finished updating the app. Please download it and give me some feedback so I can improve it. A smart consumer class is a powerful one and can change the world for the better. Lets start with consumer activism.

Oil and Natural Gas

I have been thinking for a long time whether I should invest in natural gas and oil now. I believe that now is a good time to do it in order to secure your investment base. Today the price for  Oil rose above $105 and gas topped $3.50 . When trading look at the average trading volume ; the higher the trading volume the bigger the gain of the stock. You also want to look at all of the charges and quantify it. You do not want to end up paying more long-term in hidden charges than what the stock is worth. Below is the chart for oil and natural gas commodities

Ticker Price Change % Change Volume
UGA 60.00 +1.39 +2.37% 52,340
OIL 24.69 +0.48 +1.98% 1,083,916
PALL 69.80 +1.31 +1.91% 90,642
USO 37.43 +0.66 +1.79% 11,027,290
OLEM 41.76 +0.69 +1.68% 300