Wall Street and Brazil

Brazil is going through protests and people might be starting to think that investing in Brazil is no longer a good idea. What is going on in Brazil doesn’t look pretty but I would not pull my investments away. I have faith that government will fix the issues that are encouraging these protests. As far as people selling their stocks out of fear that increase in interest rates will hurt the economy is concern; do not completely pull out of the market. Now is actually a good time to get in but be smart about it. Always, always look at the cost of each transaction.

Hot Stocks and Currency

The hot stocks are the following:

Chevron Co which closed Saturday June 15th at $120.00

Costco Who which closed on Saturday June 15th at $111.00

Devon Ener which closed on Saturday June 15th at  $54.32

Wells Fargo which closed on saturday June 15th at $ 40.00


The following Currency Investments seem attractive:

Norway (krone)

Polish (Zloty)

Phillipines (Peso)

Thailand (Baht)

In Turkey I Trust

Despite the recent protests in Turkey I would not pull investments out of the country just yet. Protests are part of every democratic country and think its healthy. Turkey is still part of NATO, democracy is still in place and the economy of the country is still strong. As others panic this might just be the best time to get in because once the protests stop things will pick back up at a fast rate all over again.

How Risky is Your Portfolio

Today I was browsing the Internet and came across a feature by CNNMoney.com that tracks the level of risk in your portfolio. Its a very good added tool to have so as to avoid repeating the same stocks or bonds. You definitely want to spread your risk when investing rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.  Sign up with with your username, email and password. The investment risk tracker Measure your performance against a dozen indexes, like S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Furthermore, you get one view of your investments by Instantly syncing and securely tracking your 401k, IRA and brokerage accounts in a single dashboard that is automatically kept up-to-date.