5 Hottest Stock Markets

cropped-beddd.jpg#5 Philippines growing by +20%

According to cnnmoney.com the iShares MSCI Philippines Inevitable Market Index ETF (EPHE) has raked in more than $180 million this year, and is up almost 20%. The country has also earned and investment grade. I would dip my entire foot when it comes to investing in Philippines.

#4 Kuwait growing by +23%

Despite its strong economy and its vast resources of oil its situated in a very volatile region but I would still dip my foot toe in just not the whole foot yet.

#3 Argentina growing by +27%

I am not sure about Argentina but if you find a good deal in an investment I think this would be it. Just remember to take extreme caution and think long-term.

#2 United Arab Emirates growing by +28%

I would dip my entire foot when it comes to investing in UAE. It has a strong economy, hot real estate and a lot of oil. There’s a lot of money going into the UAE why not be part of it.

#1 Japan growing by +34%

It’s the third largest economy in the world. Strong currency and stable government. What more can I say; I love the idea of investing in the Japanese economy.

Click on the picture to read the full cnnmoney.com article on the world’s 5 hottest stock markets.

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