Glossary Terms & Google

                                                                                Yield – The interest or dividends received by a shareholder from a stock


variable interest rate –An interest rate that fluctuates based on market changes.

variable expenses – Expenses that change in price and frequency each month.

hat fluctuates based on market changes.

Thrift banks – Financial institutions t

hat specialize in home and small business loans.

Tax-deferred growth – Growth in which income taxes on investment earnings are not payable until the money is withdrawn.

Tax exemption – A factor that reduces or eliminates a person’s obligation to pay tax.

Stock market index – An index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks.

Securities Act of 1933 – A law that demands accurate information be disclosed to investors to help prevent fraudulent and misleading investments.

Securities Exchange Act of 1934 – Ensures that transactions are regulated and follow specific criteria.
Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) – Insurance on investments offered by the government.

Securitized loan – A loan that is protected by collateral to ensure loan repayment.
self-employment tax – An additional tax that self-employed individuals pay.

On a side note according to “Trying to predict when stocks will go up or down? Google may have the answer.New research publish

ed in the journal Scientific Report shows that you can use Google Trends to track the search volume of important financial terms, which can indicate whether markets are set to rise or fall” Click on the picture to read the full article.
Despite such headline I would use my investment philosophy of investing long-term, never investing more than what I can lose and lastly avoid trends or what I call ‘ fashion stocks’