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me bagWas looking at todays financial news and came across a story written on The article was about how Apple is partnering with Volkswagen to create the iBettle; that's right a car centered around your iphone. For the Apple fanatics iBettle is great as it becomes just one more thing to extend your interaction with your iphone. This is also good news for investors as I am sure it will increase the value of Apple. An increase in the value of the company could mean increase dividend. The story of Apple is just starting and if you havent invested in the company than maybe now is the time to do some research to see if it fits into your long-term investment goals.

The article goes on to say that "How is this different from pervious iPhone-auto integrations? Volkswagen is releasing an app that supercharges what the iPhone can do inside the vehicle. One part of the program displays vehicle information, such as coolant temperatures and oil levels. Another can compare driving times and distances. It also pipes in tunes from Spotify or iTunes and, natch, makes calls that can be run through the car's stereo too."

Other product that people have been talking bout Apple creating are television and watch. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow Apple gets into integrating the use of its products on shoes, glasses or piece of clothing. The future seems limitless for Apple.