Hot Stocks

Photography by Nicholle La Vann released their top ten hot stocks. I would agree with their listing of Apple which is currently trading at $404. Apple is a company which fits perfect into my investment philosophy because its products are used everyday and it’s a good long-term investment. Another one is Ford Motor which is currently trading at $12.89. Ford Motor is a good long-term investment and as we use alternative sources of fuel for transportation Ford could gain more value.Google is another hot one listed by; Google breaks a bit from my investment philosophy because it doesn’t produce anything physical in value. However, its a company that is used by almost everyone in the planet and its a long term investment. GE or General Electric is a great company to look into. GE is a technology company that offers many essential products for our world.  IBM and Sprint were also listed but I am not too sure about them. Click on the picture to see the full article. Scann the QR Code in the bottom left to get the app for this blog; You will get a lot more than my posts.