Wealth Planning

If you are between 25 and 34 you either are not too concern about building wealth through investing or you have no idea where to start. My basic philosophy when it comes to investing is never invest more than what I can lose, avoid investing in things that have no long-term value (physical such as gold and other minerals, technological hardware or health). Another thing I look at is dividends. If the company offers little to no dividend than I look at its projected growth and how much cash it has. Look into opening an IRA.

This morning I found an article on CNNmoney.com which showed how to mix stocks and bonds. Some of the stocks being advised to take I know well such as Google but there were others such as Amgen. The symbol for Amgen is AMGN according to CNNMoney.com ” The world’s biggest biotech company is about to reaccelerate with the help of three new potential blockbusters emerging from its pipeline. More promising drugs are on the way, since Amgen’s cash allows it to spend twice as much as its nearest competitor on R&D. ” The unheard of company for me is Abbott Laboratories which is described by CNNmoney as “After spinning off its slow-growing drug business, Abbott is looking to use its cash to expand abroad. Good start: Already 40% of sales — ranging from arterial stents to diagnostic devices to infant formula — come from emerging markets such as China and Brazil.” Click on the picture to read the full cnnmoney.com article titled Building wealth: Best moves if you’re 25 to 34.

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