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 Information only available to those with legitimate purpose
•Employment information
• Credit reports
• Tax information (IRS/state tax boards)
• Criminal records
• Social service records (welfare, Medicaid, etc.)
• School records
• Medical records

Privacy act necessitates each federal agency that preserves records to permit individuals to request amendment of his or her record. To amend or expunge a record you must do the following:

  •   Contact the agency in question
  •   Await administrative review of request
  •   If request is denied, you can request a court review

Fair credit reporting act gives consumers the right to dispute imprecise information and authorizes them to insert their own version of incorrect information into a credit report. The information age has allowed us to share a lot of things about each other which makes protecting private information a lot harder now. So every time you get your credit report check to make sure everything is accurate.

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