Clothing from a fish

I came across a story on BBC titled “Hagfish slime: The clothing of the future?” I know it doesn’t sound good but wearing cloth from hagfish slime is environmentally friendly. I would absolutely wear clothe made from Hagfish slime; specially if it’s at a good price. The article goes on to say that

“Scientists believe hagfish slime or similar proteins could be turned into tights or breathable athletic wear, or even bullet-proof vests.For years, scientists have been looking for alternatives to synthetic fibres like nylon and lycra, or spandex, which are made from oil . “

According to BBC what we know about hagfish is that

  • There are more than 80 species of hagfish – but despite the name, they’re not really fish
  • They are considered craniates, and have a hard structure that surrounds the brain
  • Hagfish have rudimentary eyes – some can sense light, but nothing more
  • They are scaleless, which gives their skin a smooth, leathery quality – hagfish skins are sometimes sold as “eel-skin leather”
  • They tie themselves in knots to clean off slime, and as a way of leveraging food off carcasses
  • Hagfish share a common ancestor with all the vertebrate lineage, including humans

The article showed the constructive side of science. Now, there are some things we don’t know about the hagfish and scientist still have to work on figuring out how to mass produce the slime since we can’t farm the hagfish but it could soon become a reality.  As human population increase we will be forced to find better ways of using resources. Would you wear cloth made from hagfish slime?