Currency Exchange

background 1If you don’t have a Roth IRA or a traditional one I highly recommend you open one. If you decide to open one, look into FORX; What is FORX? It’s an ETF that is made up of currencies from 19 countries. Its largest holdings are in the currencies of Norway and Canada. Russia, Mexico and Sweden are also top holdings in the portfolio. FORX currency holdings consists of countries that are economically stable with very strong currency.

Holding FORX as an investment is a good way to secure your bottom line. Keep in mind there is a risk of losing value. Also look at the cost to determine if buying the ETF could eat into any gains. According to “Unlike other currency-based ETFs, FORX is actively managed and includes positions in currencies and local-currency bonds. That gives investors more direct foreign exchange exposure and is more predictable than indirect currency bets in the commodities and stock markets, according to Mather.” FORX is currently trading at $49.32 it seems like a good bet to me. I would buy one share now and in six months if I still feel good about it I would buy one more; it’s all about being cautiously optimistic.


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