Australian Dollar In My Currency Basket

I previously posted about the British pound and why I would keep it in my currency basket even if they leave the European Union. If you havent added the Australian Dollar to your currency basket I think you should. Australia is stable and its increasing trade with Asian countries makes it a great investment. Due to the crazinest that involves managing the currency I would advice buying ETF’s that hold Australian Dollars. The ETF’s that look attractive are CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust symbol is FXA or iShares S&P 500 IVV.FXA is currently trading at 103.37 and IVV is at 156.88. I would recommend not buying more than one or two. Getting into the currency trade is a good way of securing the base of your investments. Remember that its possible that FXA and IVV are exposed to significant decrease in value. As a result, its important to do research and determine if in the long run these investments are worth the risk. Also, pay attention to any cost associated with buying as well as maintaining these investments because it could end up costing you more to keep them than it was to buy it. Please feel free to ask me any questions; I will do my best to answer it to the best of my abilities.

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