TuneIn vs Pandora

TuneIn is an internet radio company, well to put in cnnmoney.com exact words “At 11 years old, TuneIn has amassed a catalog of more than 70,000 radio stations that it airs as-is, free to users. But it was tough for TuneIn’s 40 million users to navigate all of that content; previously, they simply selected a location and a category like music, sports, news or talk.  Now, TuneIn users can check out what’s trending across the world; search for and set reminders for events like sports; and set up live tiles that show songs playing around the world in particular genres.  “We don’t want to be just a list of stations.” CEO John Donham told CNNMoney. “We wanted to focus on what’s important to each listener, and not make them work hard to find that content.” TuneIn, which users can access on TuneIn.com or via mobile apps, is hoping its foray into discovery serves to better showcase its content. ” Just before writing this post I checked out TuneIn radio and found it great. I like that its very personal and can find unique music. I usually use Pandora.com and have found some great music as well. I have in fact bought a lot of music on Itune from songs I have bookmark using Pandora. Pandora is currently trading in the stock market at 13.73 a share which is not bad for an internet radio company; Pandora has 67 million monthly active listeners. Would I purchase any Pandora stocks, I would do limited amount (meaning one or two stocks) but would keep an eye on TuneIn.com.