Extreme Recycling

I came across this story at BBCNews.com business section titled “Taiwan tests recycling’s limits with bus stops out of bottles”. According to the article “Arthur Huang, architect, urban designer and one of Taiwan’s leading entrepreneurs, and the factory under construction – an hour’s drive north of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei – is set to process and recycle the electronic waste generated by the island’s consumers and its numerous technology companies.” This new plant will have ceilings built out of plastic left over from CDs and DVDs, and walls out of glass fibre from computer motherboards.Electronic waste (E Waste) is not good for the environment or for our health. As the world’s population increases so will the importance of finding solution to reducing waste. Taiwan is forced to deal with the issue of reducing waste because it’s a small island with a large population and a large consuming class.Taiwan is 36,190 sq km (13,973 sq miles) and with a population of 23 million. Its time the world catches up; I would love to see a project like this in other places around the world.