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IMG_1062In my excitement of finally publishing my app through the Droid Market I forgot to let you all know how to find the app. In order to read more about the app and install it, please click  the picture in this post. The picture is that of Nicholle La Vann, a wonderful friend who is a film maker and activist. Her website is check it out.

The App for this Blog is in Droid Market

The app for the blog has been released on the Droid market. I hope that it is enjoyed by everyone. The app is absolutely free so please, please, please download it. There are added features on the app such as games and others that are not available through interacting with the blog online.

Favorite Quote from Warren Buffet App

Warren Buffet is considered the best investor of all time. He is considered to be like an oracle in the investment world. My favorite quote goes …

I try to buy stocks in business that are so wonderful an idiot can run them because sooner or later one will.

Although it is vital to look at the people who run a company before investing it’s equally important to consider the long-term use of the product regardless of who runs the company.  I never invest in a company that doesn’t have a product I know, use or has a long-term use. I do my very best to stay away from ‘fashion stocks’ or what others might call trends.

Looking at Brazil

Recent economic news has been focused on Cyprus and the bailout. According to BBC News

Cyprus is required to find 7bn euros (£6bn; $9bn) in total to get the 10bn-euro EU-IMF loan.Cypriot officials say a state “investment solidarity fund” would issue bonds to raise 5.8bn euros.The other 1.2bn would most likely come from privatisations and by increasing capital gains tax and the corporate tax rate.Cypriots are finding it increasingly difficult to perform everyday financial transactions as cash and credit dries up.The banks are still giving out cash through machines – although with limits, and some are running low. Some businesses are now refusing credit card payments

Focus has also been turned to the role of Russia in bailing out Cyprus. In addition to Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Australian Dollar, U.S & Canadian Dollar I would dip my foot in the Brazilian economy.

Brazil is a member of BRICS group or Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa. BRICS comprises of nations with the fastest growing economies in the world. Brazil is stable with a pretty good size middle class that has significant purchasing power. One option is WisdomTree Dreyfus Brazilian Real ETF Symbol:BZF; currently trading at $19.60. Another option is Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap Symbol:BRF;  currently trading at $40.81. A third good option is iShares MSCI Brazil Capped Index Fund symbol:EWZS , currently trading at $54.40. A fourth option is iShares MSCI Brazil Small Cap Index Symbol: EWZ; currently trading at $27.69. Out of these four options I would prefer BZF and BRF.

BZF invests in the Brazilian currency which I think is a good thing to have in a porfolio. BRF is good because companies in its portfolio generate at least 50% of its revenues in Brazil. I wouldn’t buy more than two shares of BZF and BRF so that exposure to significant loss will be limited. With economic mess everywhere else why not try a place that has a lot of room to grow. As always keep cost in mind and do your own research. What I just offered are suggestions.

Tech Revolution

Usually I talk about investments and other financial products to make your life a bit easier. Today I will change things around and introduce Pinger it’s a funny name but by using this app on your iPods, tablets and other smart phones a user saves money. You can use the app to talk and text for free so long as there is wifi. I use textplus on my ipod to text but have to pay extra to call someone. Pinger seems like a much better option.  Simply click here to watch the video from CNN

High off Google

background 1Google is currently trading at $810.22 if you want to limit your exposure to potential loss I would suggest you get an ETF that holds Google. One of those ETF’s is DJ Internet Index Fund symbol is FDN which is currently trading at $42.88. FDN other holdings are

Top 10 Holdings                                                            Portfolio  Weighting
GOOG Google, Inc. Class A 9.63%
AMZN Inc 7.31%
EBAY eBay Inc 6.42%
PCLN, Inc. 5.14%
CRM, Inc. 4.14%
NFLX Netflix, Inc. 3.95%
YHOO Yahoo! Inc 3.93%
FB Facebook Inc Class A 3.69%
JNPR Juniper Networks, Inc. 3.39%
EQIX Equinix, Inc. 3.14%

Another ETF that has Google is Vanguard Information Technology symbol being VGT. VGT other holdings are

Top 10 Holdings                                                               Portfolio weighting
AAPL Apple Inc 17.27%
IBM International Business Machines Corp 7.19%
MSFT Microsoft Corporation 6.97%
GOOG Google, Inc. Class A 6.42%
ORCL Oracle Corporation 4.50%
QCOM Qualcomm, Inc. 3.65%
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 3.64%
INTC Intel Corp 3.57%
V Visa, Inc. 2.76%
EBAY eBay Inc 2.05%

You can always go with a mutual fund rather than ETF’s but my preference would be an ETF.

Key Terms

italy  Fair Credit Billing Act – Helps care for consumers by setting established actions for resolving credit billing or electronic fund transfer errors.

 Fair Credit Reporting Act – Legislation that upholds the accuracy and privacy of information and allows consumers to receive a copy of their credit report.

 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – A law that makes certain debt collectors follow precise procedures and protocols when collecting debts.

 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – A body that standardizes most banks in the United States and insures most private bank deposits.

 Health Savings Account (HSA) – A pre-tax savings account intended specifically for medical expenses.