Tesla Electric

 Ever heard of the company ? In case you havent; it is a company that makes upscale electric cars. The first time I heard of the company was in the History Channel and it appeared like a company with great promise; I still think it’s a company with a great promise. According to CNNmoney.com Shares of Tesla (TSLA) rebounded Friday, after their biggest one-day drop in more than a year. The stock had fallen 9% after Tesla announced a $75 million loss late Wednesday.During a conference call, Musk tried to balance the earnings miss with some good news, saying Tesla had increased production and decreased capital expenditures which, he said, should allow it to generate a slight profit for the current quarter.“Due to an enormous amount of hard work by a really dedicated group of people at Tesla, we’re going to be profitable, and I think that’s a pretty big deal,” Musk said. “

It goes on to say that recent gains of the company stocks is based on greater expectations. Will it deliver in the next quarter ? like I said its a company with good promise specially when you look at the uptick of gas prices. With high gas prices people will start looking at alternatives whether they are rich or poor. In order for Tesla to survive they need to bring their product costs down and perhaps make the car reachable to a lot more people.  Would I invest ? that’s a tough one; I would do a limited amount of investing. Purchasing two or three stock is enough.