Brain Drain

These past few days I have been hearing about immigration reform. I will admit that I havent been following it as close as I would like to but this morning I came across an article on about America’s brain drain. According to this article, “Smart foreigners who study at U.S. universities — often at taxpayer expense through scholarships — face a tough fight after graduation if they want to stay in the country”. The article goes on to describe the situation of Shailesh Deshpande who graduated from Virginia Tech and was forced to return to India after fighting hard to stay in this country. We have been conditioned to believe that there will be an almost eternal demand for smart educated people to want to be in America. The truth is that unless we do something about the brain drain and help people like Shailesh Deshpande start out their dreams our economy will suffer. Fields in science and engineering will become even more important as the world’s population grows and ages. This will create demand for medical treatment, efficient and less wasteful construction mechanism as well as demand for fuel efficiency. The CNN article goes on to say that “He waited jobless — yet hopeful — in his hometown of Napur India for six months. By the time immigration officials announced his application had successfully reached the final stage, Deshpande had already started working as senior vice president of an Indian coal imports company. Next month, Deshpande is launching his own data analytics firm, one he wishes he would have started in the United States. “ I know I am presenting a simplistic view of things but something has to be done about the brain drain before it is too late. Click here to read full article.

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