Grateful for What You Have

As I always do I was browsing through the internet finding stories or ideas that caught my eye and I came across one from the NY Times called “For Spaniards, Having a Job No Longer Guarantees a Paycheck ” by . Know I know what you might be thinking, ‘ hey this is supposed to be a blog about receiving information to make the best financial decision’ but every now and then we need a reminder that things could be worst. At the present moment we are facing an economic picture that isn’t all that rosy with high unemployment and congressman that are acting like spoil children. But when you like at a headline like this it makes you grateful for what you have.

According to the NY Times article, “Over the past two years, Ana María Molina Cuevas, 36, has worked five shifts a week in a ceramics factory on the outskirts of this city, hand-rolling paint onto tiles. But at the end of the month, she often went unpaid “. Suzanne Daley goes on to say that despite unpaid wages Molina shows up everyday; afraid to quit out of fear that she will never get the $13,000 owed to her or that she wont find another job. The situation has gotten so bad that many workers have taken their companies to court. As a result the courts are jammed and proceedings take longer than in previous years. Can you imagine something like that on a large-scale happening in the United States ?

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