I hope you have heard of and if you haven’t than its time that you explore the site.  Considering that this blog is about finance you can easily figure out where I am going with this post. The website is designed to easily get you to the information you need. Even though it’s free to surf the site a person needs a membership to get the full benefits of MorningStar. Nevertheless, the first section of the website is Portfolio where once you are a member you can track and use different tools to pick stocks as well as other investments. The second section is Stocks where a visitor can get the most up to date news on stocks as well as advice on different issues related to stocks; the advice comes in articles or videos. My favorite parts of the stock section are the Stock Screener and Cheap Stocks With Best Year-to-Date Returns. The second section of the site is called Bonds. In this section users get the most up to date news on bonds, advice from professionals and screen different types of bonds. My favorite sections of the bonds are Calculators which gives you an idea of earnings and Investing Classroom which goes over some important need to know information on bonds.

A fourth section of the website is Mutual. The Mutual section is about mutual funds. In this section users are able to screen funds for investments, hear and read the views of analysts. What I really like about this section is that analysts are rated for their performance by MorningStar. Furthermore, just like stocks and bonds; mutual funds are also rated by MorningStar. A fifth section is ETF;  If you don’t know what ETF’s are please look back into the archives of this blog because I posted an explanation of ETF’s.  ETF’s are great investment tools because it limits your exposure to potential dramatic decrease in investment value. Morningstar’s ETF’s section has a screener for investment and you can get the most up to date news on this financial instrument.

A final section I would like to describe on MorningStar is Real Life Finance. This section has information on Family finance, how to start investing, saving for college, investing for retirement, investing while you are retired, making the best out of your portfolio and minimizing taxes.


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