Dont let Debt be the Grinch

Debt can be a serious problem if mismanaged. Around the holidays an already bad debt problem can exploded into a serious issue if not managed. In order to avoid trouble set up a budget and do not go over it. A great site to explore setting up a budget is I know it may seem tempting to charge it and the pressure to give the best present to your family or loved ones might seem persuasive but shun it. Below is a great tip on how to start managing debt. If you want more ideas click here

Write it Out
Do you truly know how much debt you have? Begin by manufacturing a list of everything you owe, whether it’s a mortgage, a credit card balance, student loans or even money you on loan from family or friends. Write down:

  • The lender’s name
  • The quantity you owe
  • The term or condition of the loan
  • The interest rate and fees

Happy early holidays and let’s make next yr the greatest. : )