Bite of the Apple

According to CNNMoney Apple will begin to make some Macs in the USA. This is good public relations move from Apple after they received heavy public relations damaged for the work conditions in its overseas factories. According to CNNmoney “In interviews with Bloomberg Businessweek and NBC’s Brian Williams, Cook said that “some production” of the Mac will be brought back to the United States. That’s a switch for a company that outsourced most of its Macintosh manufacturing to China in the late 1990s. Apple confirmed to CNN that it would be investing $100 million in the transition, and that U.S. production will begin sometime next year.” The article goes on to say that  Apple isn’t making any significant  shift to its production scheme. The Macintosh is by far the smallest of Apple’s “core four” products (iPhone, iPad and iPod are the other three) in terms of unit sales. Apple sold 18 million Macs in the past four quarters, compared to 125 million iPhones.

So in the end this move by apple is a drop in a bucket but at least some more manufacturing jobs are moving back to the United States at a time of heavy unemployment. I really wish for economic patriotism of some sort. Here we have Apple, one of the most profitable American company in the world with over a billion dollars in cash with most jobs overseas when our unemployment rate is still high. Perhaps the we should make the same statement  JFK made to the  American people to these multinational companies “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country ” 


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