A couple of weeks ago I made a post about the  Financial Soccer game created by Visa and accessible via PracticalMoneySkills.com. Now, its time to shine some spotlight on the Financial Football game. When you click on the play button you are asked to pick a level based on your age; Rookie is between 11 and 14, Pro is between 14 and 18, and Hall of Fame is over the age of 18. Once a level is picked you are asked to select the game length which ranges from 5 to 20 mins. Afterwards, a visitor is able to pick the home and away team. The game is described by PracticalMoneySkills.com as “Give your financial knowledge a workout with the latest version of Financial Football, a fast-paced, NFL-themed video game developed by Visa. Test your money management skills by answering financial questions that allow you to move down the field and score touchdowns. Are you warmed up and ready to compete?” So far the top five teams are :

1. New England Patriots

2.Buffalo Bills

3.Greenbay Packers

4.Baltimore Ravens

Click here for the game.

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