Sales Force is a cloud computing company. The first product being offered is something called sales cloud and according to the company Sales Cloud, “Super-charge your sales with the world’s #1 sales and CRM application. Sales Cloud helps sales reps close bigger deals faster and connect with customers on any device.” The second product being offered is Service Cloud and is described as , “Transform customer service and support with the #1 customer service application. With Service Cloud, you’ll increase customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and lower overall support costs.” The third service is something called Marketing Cloud and is described as “Engage customers everywhere with the leading social marketing application. Marketing Cloud helps you listen, gain insight, and respond to customers in real-time.” A third product being offered is something called a Sales Force Chatter and is described as “Transform the way you work with the leading enterprise social network. Sales force Chatter makes business processes social, so you can collaborate in real time—in context—from anywhere.”

The stock is at $ 158 per share. Some traders think the company will continue to grow while others are less optimistic. According to CNNMoney “ Any company that is trading for such a high earnings multiple runs the risk of stumbling hard if numbers miss estimates. It doesn’t matter that Salesforce may continue to post strong growth … it also has the burden of needing to top estimates all the time and issue good guidance. So far that hasn’t been a problem though. “

I think the company is noteworthy because it’s on the forefront of innovation and it actually does something meaningful. In other words it’s less of a fashion stock like Facebook and Twitter. As always look at all of the information before investing in it.

Click here to get the full CNNMoney article.

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