Something Unheard of (Free in NYC)

If you are a resident of New York City (NYC) or just visiting and want to find some fun free activities there are three great sources. The first is Time Out NYC, Club Free Time and NYC’s government website.

A visitor to Time Out NYC’s website can search for events based on location, date, and cost. You can find free live music, museum shows, free attractions and days out and if you looking for inexpensive date ideas you can find Free date ideas.

Club Free Time is full of events. However, in order to get full access to the website a person has to pay membership fees. Lastly, NYC’s government website is also another source for finding free things to do in NYC.

Out of the three options, Time Out NYC and the NYC’s government website are the best sources of information on finding free great things to do in NYC. The links to these sites are below:


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