Best New Jobs in America (According to CNN)

Technology is moving at  warp speed. Not that long ago we were talking on cellphones that were the size of bricks. Do you remember beepers and the codes for messages ? Did you have Nintendo 64 and Gameboy ?. Facebook, Twitter and for a short while MySpace deeply affected how we communicate and associate with one another. All of these technologies to communicate with one another has created new forms of art. These new forms of art inspires people and in turn affect what we make and how we make them.

I was reading an article on CNN money which showcased  the best new jobs in America. A lot of them sound like they need someone not just with technical know how but creativity. For example one of the jobs is a video game designer. The medium pay is $52,200 with a projected growth rate of 32.4%. The next one is a Solar Sales Consultant with a medium pay of $45,100 and a projected growth rate of 16.4%. If you have a passion for protecting the environment than maybe you should be a sustainable Consultant with projected job growth of 18.7% and medium pay of  $59,200. According to CNN, “What they do all day? Whether finding ways for a company reduce its carbon footprint or helping a client access the life-cycle of its products, these eco-warriors help businesses align their practices with the principles of sustainability. ” I think these new jobs are interesting and at the cutting edge of technology and new social movements. Click here to see the full article by CNN.

The picture is by  Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_on_10th_OCT’s.