Thrifting; How to locate one and what you do when you get there.

 There are numerous ways to locate a thrift store. One way is to simply google it. There are some reviews that have comments on it while others don’t. But perhaps the best way to get reviews about thrift stores is to simply visit the stores. There shouldn’t be any shame in thrifting it saves money, the environment and in many cases raises money for good causes.

No matter how many tips on thrifting one receives it can feel overwhelming once you are there. The overwhelming feeling can be the result of several things; the amount of people in the store, rude customer service, merchandize not properly stocked, the temperature in the store or maybe just maybe there are too many options. A tip I give to anyone who might feel overwhelmed when shopping is to breath and if need be temporarily step out of the store until ready to come back. 

Love and Laugh

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