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Blogs about personal finance are great ways to get ideas on how to handle your money. However, one should still do their homework about the effectiveness of the advice offered.

There are countless number of blogs about personal finance.In 2008 it was estimated  that 112.8 million blogs existed. Furthermore, there are people who have created very successful blogs and have sold them off to other companies.

Mint has a wonderful blog about a whole host of issues. For example  on Oct 11, 2012 contributed to the mint life blog by posting  four Essential Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview. CNBC posted a blog  about Colleges That Bring in the Highest Paychecks. The blog by mint is resourceful in that reputable sources are able to contribute and appeals to everyone regardless of their stage in life.

Wise Bread is a great well-organized blog about personal finance.The categories are  Personal Finance, Frugal Living, Career, Life hack (“Do it quicker, better, and with less cash with our productivity and tech tips. Redesign your life to put more minutes and sanity into your busy day” ) Best Deals and credit cards.  To get an idea of how frugal  Wise bread is willing to go there is a post on the site about  5 Hair Conditioners You Can Make at Home.

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